Friday, June 3, 2011

The Barefoot Blues

I have 22 days to find a pair of shoes (that won't leave me crippled for a week) for an evening wedding at the end of June. I've found my dress already - an ultra feminin, "frosted citrus", just-above-the-knee, silk chiffon strapless number from J.Crew - and I've started working on my tan...but I haven't yet found the accessories to make the outfit pop.

J.Crew's Silk Chiffon Arabelle Dress 

Since my dress is so simple, I have the freedom to play with elaborate jewelry and "loud" shoes. I'm leaning towards cobalt blues. Just by chance, I found a gorgeous pair of dangly earrings at a tiny boutique on the coast that could totally fit the bill - but I'd like to find a pair of dressy electric blue heels before I commit to them. Finding earrings is easy...finding shoes that fit (and in such a specific color) is not.

Reminder: I'm working with the aforementioned square toes here (see below - when we've established more of a relationship I'll post a picture of my thumbs too so you can REALLY feel good about yourselves). I hate feet - no matter how you cut it, they just aren't cute. Even normal ones. Mine are so unfortunate looking that I like to bundle them up in boots all winter and forget all about them. I confess that when I looked at this picture the first thought that popped into my head was those belong to me? Those ankles...yes they look familiar. I'll claim them. But those feet? I'm fairly certain they are a medical oddity.

Flipper Feet, Essie's 'Bermuda Shorts' Polish

I refuse to let myself buy another shoe shelf ornament to add to my collection of too-high-and-too-narrow's. That means that any normal width size 7 needs to have enough "give" built in for me to be able to walk comfortably - and that the ideal scenario would be to find a pair that comes in C or D width.

The hunt begins for that irresistible shade of statement blue:

Fancy Shoes, Cobalt Blues

(Top row, from left to right)
1. Zappos Couture's Kate Spade New York Karmen
2. Endless's Pour La Victoire Women's Erica Sandal
3.'s Blue Patent Senorita

(Bottom row, from left to right)
1. Zara's Fabric Wedge Heel Shoe with Bow
2. Nordstrom's Ivanka Trump 'Dermani' Sandal
3. Zappos' Me Too Jeanette Royal Blue Satin

And if I were to give up on the whole cobalt blue theme, here are a couple of other pairs (that won't necessarily do) that I've fallen in love with:

Different Dazzlers

(Top row, from left to right)
1. Zappos Couture's Kate Spade New York Charm Heel
2. Bloomingdale's Badgley Mischka "Lyndee" Evening Wedge Sandals

(Bottom row, from left to right)
1. Piperlime's Badgley Mischka Randall
2. Zappos' Coloriffics Luna Blue

Since I can't go barefoot to this wedding (although maybe I should go closed toe...), I'd love to hear your opinions! Do you have a favorite out of the ones shown above? What's your go-to shoe store? Which color accessories do you think would best offset a bright yellow dress?


  1. ok here's my vote. i already posted but it got messed up. this is carolyn by the way. love the piperlimes...playful and feminine. just like the dress, but don't take away from it at all. chandelier earrings and a messy updo with a flower pinned in the back bottom....i'm thinking peachy makeup with a little pop. check out smashbox new lip stains!! awesome. lip stain pen on one end and balm on the other. my next makeup purchase. i like petal, but you need to check out all the colors. Sephora...but bring a friend def. or find a good person who works there.

  2. I love the piperlimes too...just worried that they might run narrow. Hair up for sure...a flower would be cute! I'll have to come to Boston to raid Sephora with you...