Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tiffany Blue

I mentioned before that I adore turquoise boxes of all shapes and sizes, especially when they come wrapped up in a signature white (or red during the holiday season) bow. And if the words "Tiffany & Co." happen to be stamped on their lids, why I might skip "adoration" and head straight for "infatuation".

I went through enough of a Tiffany phase during high school and my first half of college to have amassed quite a collection of turquoise pouches and oblong boxes.

Tiffany's Signature Boxes and Bags

However, in the past year I've become much more enchanted by handmade semi-precious artisan jewelry, such as this blue flower earring set. It's fun to have some pieces that no one else has, but I still have a soft spot for Tiffany's. There's just something about those turquoise blue boxes, I'm telling you.

A Tower of Tiffany

Now I've got my eyes on big turquoise boxes - boxes that could potentially house a bag from Tiffany's Leather Goods collection. I was hard-pressed to narrow down my list of favorites for today's collage.

 The Next Best Thing to Elsa Peretti
Tiffany's certainly isn't the first place I'd check if I was in the market for a new tote, clutch, or hobo, but don't you think they are just gorgeous?

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  1. "...if I was in the market for a new tote, clutch, or hobo..." You want to buy a homeless person??