Sunday, June 12, 2011

Tipping the Scale

There's a reason why Brother #2 calls me Candyyy. I love a little something sweet (especially if it happens to be of the chocolate-and-peppermint variety).

I don't often dig into dessert anymore, but when I do, I want something savoury and special. I'm not tempted by store-bought cookies, box brownies, or Friendly's ice cream. Dessert has to be worth every last calorie and its deliciousness must outweigh any ensuing guiltiness.

Treats that tip the scale towards totally worth it:

-Lake Champlain's Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds
-Peppermint patties
-Lemon bars from the Whole Foods bakery
-Homemade cakes
-Starbucks' Java Chip Frappuccino ice cream
-From-scratch sugar cookies at Christmas time
-Frozen yogurt with pineapple, strawberries, and chocolate shavings from Yogen Fruz
-Brother #3's blondies with butterscotch chips (known as surfer bars and/or congo bars around here)
-Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream Mint Chocolate Cookie ice cream
-Mom's blueberry berta
-The Gelato Fiasco's Mint Chocolate Chip Gelato
-These chocolate chip toffee bars

Why I Run

Until yesterday, fudge was never really on my radar. Of course, I knew what it was - but I'd never lusted after it. I'd never really even wanted it. I certaintly wouldn't have picked it over any of the desserts listed above. This was before I tried a sample of chocolate mint fudge at Perry's Nut House in Belfast, Maine on the way home from our Acadia trip.

Perry's Sign

My mom convinced us to stop at this little establishment (that positively screamed TOURISTY!) by proclaiming that the owners make the best fudge she's ever had. Ignoring all of the Maine knick-knacks, the huge mounted gorilla, and the pick-bins full of nuts, we made a beeline for the fudge counter. Nevermind that it was only 10:30 in the morning...Perry's fudge shot to the top of my must have at least once every six months list the second that the minty sample started melting in my mouth. It was about twenty times better than a peppermint patty. It was more minty than an Andes mint or a thin mint Girl Scout cookie. It was moist, heavy but not at all chewy, and impossibly good.

Forbidden Fantastic Fudge


Sigh. Another dessert I met and loved. If you're ever on Route 1 in Northern Maine...Perry's Nut House is more than worth a stop (and a sample...or three).

Pieces from Perry's, All Wrapped Up


  1. Oh sweet Jesus, do I love fudge. This all sounds/looks amazingly decadent.

  2. Hanny Hanny, you spelled "frappuccino" with a "ch" instead of a "cc." The picture even shows you how to spell it!! Get your head in the game!!

  3. Oops! Good catch Rossy