Saturday, June 18, 2011

Pints and Petals

No, not pints of beer. Even better (although I'm beginning to give up hope that beer is an acquired taste): pints of ice cream! But before we get to pints and petals, a few confessions...

While Mom and Dad are quite happy in our new home (a secluded and contemporary Colonial on a hill surrounded by woods and more woods), our family move to Maine hasn't helped my lack of a social life any.

Even in high school, I was far from a closet nerd. My 8pm bedtime was no secret, I would never let anybody copy my homework, I visibly struggled not to clam up in big groups, and I instantly became a nervous Nellie at any mention of the word party. I was most content curled up on the couch with a leaning tower of library books, reading about teenagers "living it up" and navigating their way to adulthood. I suppose I was a bit of a hermit.

I had nearly perfect attendance, I earned good grades (but still hyperventilated over every exam), I was the de facto "teacher's pet" in every class I took, I worked at a children's clothing boutique after school, I had a great relationship with my boss, I exercised regularly (cross country and track), I laid out all my outfits for the week every Sunday night, I babysat on the weekends, I slept for 11 or 12 hours a night, I filled my tank with premium gas, I nearly always had a boyfriend...but I could never quite find friends that understood me as well as my older brothers did.

Although I've lightened up a little since high school (which never fails to bring an image of worn Ugg boots and black North Face Denali jackets to mind), not much has changed...but gas prices are so high now that the ailing Audi only gets the cheap stuff...and I've done a much better job (especially this last semester) of making and keeping friends at school.

However, I have approximately 0 friends in my 3 year old "hometown". Since Brother #3 and I are only home periodically from college, this isn't too big of a deal - but this is how we end up doing things like attending an ice cream social at the Maine Audubon on a Thursday night.

Flavors from Super Scoops

Don't worry - this wasn't a total act of desperation...Mom was a volunteer scooper at the event and invited us to stop by. Despite the fact that everyone there was either below the age of 5 or above the age of 60, Brother #3 and I had a great time. There were impressively large cartons of ice cream with good flavors (meaning not just your standard chocolate and vanilla) yards away from rows and rows of pretty peonies to admire.

Brother #3 took advantage of the free ice cream...

The Last of the Cappuccino Crunch

Mint Chocolate Chip

...while I scoped out the peony field.

Ballerina Pink Peony

Snow White Peony

Mostly Maroon Peony 

I may be a little biased, but I think Mom's peonies at home are just as stunning...even with my lackluster photography skills can't take away their beauty!

Mom's Pride and Joy, Part I

Mom's Pride and Joy, Part II

Mom's Pride and Joy, Part III

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  1. Try a sip of Leinenkugle Summer Shandy and I promise you will finally enjoy that acquired taste. Its lemonade beer without being sweet like Mikes.