Monday, June 6, 2011

Orchids and Cheese

Yesterday we decided to take the scenic route to one of our favorite places to visit: Pineland Farms in New Gloucester, Maine. Pineland Farms hosts weekly 5k's, has a maze of cross-country skiing trails (weather-permitting, of course), houses a quaint little market bursting with specialty meats and locally grown fruits & veggies, offers 5,000 acres of beautiful woods and fields, and churns its own mouth-watering ice cream.

Welcome Sign, Pineland Farms

The Beginning of a Walk in the Woods

After meandering around part of the property and soaking up the sun, we stopped into the market to sample and pick up some of our favorite cheeses (which are produced on-site). If you get the chance to buy cheese from Pineland Farms (they're also sold at Whole Foods and other natural food groceries) - don't pass it up! Sharp cheddar, monterey jack, salsa jack, onion and garlic...each is better than the next - and they are all addictingly creamy, dense, and packed with flavor! 

Local Cheeses, Nom Nom Nom

On the way home we stopped at Woodsprite Orchids, a charming small business (that had hobby-run-amok vibes), with a greenhouse brimming with brightly blossoming orchids of all sizes and colors. I was clearly drawn to the pinks - but the yellows and whites were just as spectacular.

I took the liberty of naming the orchids below myself because the salesman was practically tripping over himself in his excitement to tell us as much as possible about the plants...meaning their actual classifications just went in one ear and out the other.

Leopard Spotted Orchid!

Intricate Orchid!

Hot Pink Orchid!

Waterfall Orchid!

Leave it to me to fall in love with one of the most high maintenance house plants out there. The very knowledgeable and contagiously passionate owner talked us into buying two gorgeous varieties to decorate our home.

My New Favorite Type of Home Decor

As we made mental notes left and right (about how to water them, how to feed them, where to put them, what temperatures they like, etc.), we felt a bit like we were being prepped for a new pet. A very expensive pet that is probably going to miss its almost magical greenhouse (with special screens to control light exposure and fans to circulate the air). We were advised to purchase a book about orchids and to leave the windows cracked on the ride home. Perhaps we have gotten in a bit over our heads and won't have any luck getting our pretty plants to blossom again, but boy are they beautiful right now!

Enchanting Miniature Pond & Garden Display, Woodsprite Orchids

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