Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wedding Woes

Here's the trouble with being the only girl: I never learned about hair.

For a very long time, I wore it slicked back in a ponytail as close to my scalp as possible. For an equally long time, my mom made me stand sideways in pictures so I wouldn't be mistaken for one of my three older brothers.

As far as I understand it now, I have four three options:
1). loose and down (read: perpetually in my face)
2). down but slightly tamed with bobby pins (never have any luck getting them to stay in...must be the thumbs)
3). semi pulled back with a clip in a halfway up/halfway down
4). all scooped up in a ponytail or a bun*

Blame It On the Thumbs

*Anyone I went to middle school or high school with knew this hairstyle as THE BUN - I went through a phase where I thought it was a great idea to use half a bottle of mousse to form a tight bun very nearly on the top of my head. I blame my tough time in high school on the fact that I had a headache 90% of the time.

Admission: I still wear THE BUN to bed sometimes (with just a quarter-sized dollop of mousse to keep the curly q's at bay)...and it hasn't frightened off Boyfriend yet! He must be a keeper.

My mom used to trim my hair for me until I turned about 8 (and actually started noticing that I had to keep my head constantly tilted a little to the left to make my hair fall evenly across my shoulders). A rotation of forgettable ladies at Supercuts used to cut it for me until I turned about 14...and started realizing that all my friends and their moms had hairstylists at salons and day spas. Now I get my hair washed, layered, and blown out by a sweet young mom at Cara & Co.

Cara & Co. Day Spa

And no matter what I do at home, it never comes out as good.

I've invested in outrageously priced hair dryers, flat irons, curling irons, and hair products. Yet even armed with all my tools, bottles, and mental notes, I just don't have the touch for manipulating my wavy (but thin) dark hair into something remotely chic. I know it can be twisted into soft banana curls with a little bit of encouragement and can be coaxed straight with a round brush because I've seen my hairdresser make it happen...But Humidity and Lack of Talent rob me of any hopes for a sleek and shiny look.

Sedu Pro Ionic Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Iron 1" Works Like A Champ

Tigi's Catwalk Curlesque Line Smells Like Apples

This is stress-inducing! because unless I rapidly develop some styling skills THE BUN might have to make a comeback for the wedding I'm attending this weekend. Poor Boyfriend. I don't think I'll be turning heads because of my yellow silk and chiffon dress, my royal purple shoes, my $5 bangles, my dangling gold earrings, or my French manicure (with purple tips instead of the classic white)...

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