Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wedding Weekend

Last week, my lack of creativity in the hair department was at the top of my Imminent Things to Worry About list (witness the hysterics here).

I'm not supposed to be making these kinds of lists anymore, but rest assured there's a large section roped off in my cerebral cortex (hey, high school anatomy class!) dedicated to feeding my idiosyncrasies...whether or not they make it to paper in the end.

In therapy we talked about re-directing some of that brainpower towards having fun. Dr. Seuss says fun is good.

This weekend I had some (at Boyfriend's best friend's sister's wedding)! I tried penne alla vodka, I met enough new people to successfully mix up all their faces, I danced (insert vehement protesting here), I ate wedding cake, and I stayed up past midnight.

There was a group of adorable little boys in wrinkled tuxes, a three week old baby girl sleeping the night away, a place card with our names in a delicate calligraphy, an exquisite white gown, a tear-jerking father-daughter song, a grown-up candy bar, a generous piece of filet mignon, a mass of good-natured and tipsy guests, a bouquet of pink roses, an inspired playlist, a collection of abandoned heels by the dance floor, and a basket of mints for the taking...

Mints! (Altoids)

But I had the best time before the reception took place...surrounded by mirrors in the luxurious hotel bathroom, with traces of hot-curling-iron smell still lingering in the air and an army of bobby pins littering the floor, while Boyfriend's mom worked her magic on my hair.

I wish I could tell you what she did (in an impressive 20 minutes)...but I only know that it involved a roll in the front, a twist in the back, a hefty amount of hairspray, and so many pins that I knew I'd be in for a treasure hunt before I crawled into bed later that night. I gave her total creative license and the result was a regal-looking up-do that showcased my long gold earrings and strapless dress. Thanks again C!

Up-do for the Wedding

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