Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Cafe This Way

I laughed so hard today that my abs hurt (which was probably more reflective of yesterday's torturous ab circuit than anything else - workout post coming soon!).

After an adventurous ride along the infamous Route 1 (in which we fully indulged our inner tourists), we've finally arrived at our cozy inn in Bar Harbor, ME. I'm more than ready to leave the confines of the car behind to take in the sights on foot, especially because my view out the backseat window was hardly crystal clear (as Brother #3 and I predicted, Mom didn't manage to throw the ice cubes from her iced coffee quite far enough out the window).

The Quimby House

The Quimby House certainly isn't the Four Seasons, but it's across the street from what looks like a GREAT breakfast nook called "2 Cats" and it's walking distance from the shops downtown. Our little home away from home certainly has character to spare (and in all seriousness is in a lovely spot with a welcoming hostess - we would certainly stay here again)...

Brother #3 keyed us in and announced "home sweet home" before flopping down onto his bed - and rearing up in pain as he met a stubborn metal pole that was quickly declared to be unavoidable. The laughter had just died down, only to bubble up again an hour later when we heard an omnious uh-oh coming from the bathroom. Seconds later Mom emerged, looking bemused, with the toliet handle in hand. Our "high-speed" wireless internet connection (dubbed Quimby) also seems to be on the fritz - while Brother #3 and Mom watched TV and read, I tried to blog...moaning Quimbyyy as the connection periodically faded to zero and crossing my fingers as I tried to upload photos. Sometimes all you can do is laugh.

Although we're here to tackle Acadia National Park, not to luxuriate in a 5 star resort - we did treat ourselves to a stellar dinner at the highly recommended Cafe This Way. The one-roomed restaurant lived up to all of its reviews - and its homey decor (rows of color-coded books, splashy paintings of Maine scenes, mismatched tabletops, etc.) immediately put us at ease. Despite obvious setbacks (the ceilings were low, the lighting dim, and the floors a cold cement), the staff managed to whip up a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Cafe This Way Sign

I woke up my taste buds by trying: a sip of Brother #3's mixed drink (coconut, melon, and pineapple juice spiked with rum), a few bites of a seafood spring roll (with crab and lobster meat), a delicious pecan-encrusted halibut entree, a scoop of cajun tartar sauce, asparagus, and a slice of peanut butter fudge cake. I also tried on a new mindset for size: no feeling guilty about what I ate.

Seafood Spring Rolls Appetizer

Pecan-encrusted Halibut, Garlicky Spinach, Asparagus, Mashed Potatoes

Peanut Butter Fudge Cake, Pretty Edible Flower

Yum. Look for an informal review of "2 cats" and our first hike in Acadia tomorrow!

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