Thursday, June 23, 2011

Caught Red-Handed

Sliced on top of cereal. Mixed into salads. Dusted with sugar for dessert. I could eat strawberries morning, noon, and night.

Just Picked and Just Bursting with Flavor

I love to eat strawberries that look clean enough straight out of the container. I love to eat strawberries that are covered in dirt right off of the vine.

The Ripeness Guide

Although this will be the third post this week about strawberries (mentioned here and here), I just can't resist sharing our first strawberry picking experience.

Where we went:
Lavigne Strawberry Farm in Sanford, ME

Old Sign, New Season

This fairly flat farm has wonderful directions set up from the highway, ample parking, a friendly staff, and 12 acres of strawberries.

Good Directions

Strawberry Field, Line for Weighing

Things we learned:

1). The early bird gets the worm (prime picking is at 6am, not 11am)

2). Timing is everything (we got last picks in the morning field and missed the rotation to the afternoon field)

3). Berry season is short but sweet (only about a 2 week window around here)

4). Check to see if you need to bring your own containers...and then find your own row!

5). Pick one, eat two...good for filling up my stomach, not so good for filling up my basket

6). Strawberry picking in theory is alot more fun (my lower back is still screaming)

7). Bring enough cash (although it was much more reasonably priced than we had anticipated)

8). Don't abandon the strawberries in the suffocatingly hot car to spend two hours at the nail salon

9). Drag Brother #3 along next time so he can pick like a maniac while I park myself in the shade and eat every berry in a three foot radius

10). Freeze the strawberries on a cookie sheet first so that they don't all stick together in the bag

At least we had the foresight to strawberry pick before we got our manicures and pedicures!

Playful Purple French Manicure (No Thumbs Today) 

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