Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Signs of Summer

Nothing says summer around here quite like:

-A stubborn sock tan
-A handful of Cape Cod barbeque chips
-A thin blanket of pollen on everything
-A holiday weekend in Cape Cod
-A morning entirely devoted to working out
-A slice of Brother #3's pizza
-A smoking grill
-A broken flip flop (grr Jack Rogers!)
-A slice of strawberry shortcake
-A trip to the bakery to buy 3 seed bread
-An empty Poland Springs bottle
-A pair of chapped lips
-A brightly colored manicure and pedicure
-A pair of white jeans
-A tall glass of lemonade
-A lilac bush everywhere you look
-A juicy watermelon still on the rind
-A trip up Route 1
-A freshly mowed backyard
-A skewer of Grandma's chicken kabobs
-A 5k around the Back Cove
-A trip to the grocery store every other day
-An inordinate amount of time on I-95
-A stack of beach reads
-A pair of flip flops
-A congo bar on a bed of coffee ice cream
-A run on the beach (and sandy running shoes)
-An afternoon at the ocean
-A sailboat race between family and friends
-A long wait for high tide
-A country concert
-A very fat groundhog
-A lookout for said groundhog (who is very interested in Mom's garden)
-An enormous fruit salad
-A whiff of low tide
-A chilly night by the lake
-A fireworks display
-A smattering of poison ivy
-A walk around Pineland Farms
-An unofficial and ongoing birdwatch
-A million purple lupines dotting the landscape
-A photography session as the sun is setting
-A day hike with a picnic
-A farmer's market
-A bottle of bug spray
-A big fluffy beach towel
-A game of frisbee
-A daily inspiration from TasteSpotting
-An oldies soundtrack accompanied by off-key singing
-A car with traces of sand in every crease
-A few grumblings about who is going to mow the lawn
-A messy lobster roll
-A mid-morning tennis match (all in good fun)
-A post-lunch tee time
-An agonizing new bikini search
-A blur of weekends and weekdays
-A seafood (read: white fish) entree 4 nights out of 7
-A trip to Connecticut (hello Boyfriend!)
-A nightly salad full of garden produce
-A pint of raspberries
-An afternoon of baking

Pineapple, Mini Fork

Basket of Oranges

Mesh Grill Pan, Full of Veggies

Summer Nights - Lights & Brights

What reminds you of summer?

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