Monday, May 16, 2011

My Less-Than-Perfect-Parts, Part II

In keeping with the spirit of full disclosure about my less-than-perfect-parts, I suppose I should tell you that my feet didn't make out too well when I was born either. They aren't overly large (size 7 in everything but running shoes - I always go up half a size) or noticeably smelly (although I'd skip the sniff test after a workout if I were you).

I try to go for pedicures every once in awhile to keep my running-induced calluses from completely obliterating the bottom of my feet and to keep my nails clean, clipped, and colored. My latest go-to for toe polish is a pretty light turquoise from Essie. 

Candy Mint Apple

Unfortunately, not even Essie's most dazzling colors can take the spotlight off of my admittedly square feet. They start off nice and normal from small-ish ankles but then creep wider and wider until they effectively turn my feet into flippers. If my thumbs look like little kayak paddles, my toes take after their less exciting counterpart: [mini] rowboat oars. In fact, the shape of my foot looks quite similiar to this spatula, which is aptly named the "Turning Oar."

Tom Littledeer for Williams Somona

Now that I've embraced the fact that I am a "D" width in running shoes, my little flippers have been much happier. Unfortunately, I can't wear running shoes all the time. On the off chance that I shed my workout clothes in favor of "real" clothes and actually stay up past 9pm, I have to squeeze all ten toes into some type of shoe that doesn't result in pins and needles, blisters, and redness.   

Much to the chagrin of my boyfriend, stilletos (and even most high-heeled pumps) are out. For a girl with perpetually tired legs and a fear of standing (let alone walking) on 4 inch spikes, thin (and usually narrow) high heels are best left on the shelf. That doesn't mean that I don't like them - I look longingly at my friends with the ability to totter around in them weekend after weekend and I catch myself bookmarking skyhigh pumps over and over again. Here's a pair I just can't seem to make myself delete from my wish list:

Colin Stuart for Victoria's Secret

Enter the wedge sandal. This summer staple makes my legs look longer without reducing my stability down to a centimeter-around dagger. I'm especially partial to the corked wedge, but all the shoes in this family seem to be much more forgiving width-wise and offer extra height without compromising comfort. Here's a look at a few that I've had my eye on lately (please excuse the different colored/sized backgrounds - I'm not tech savvy enough to pretty this up without my brothers around):

Sloppy Wedges Collage! 

(First row, left to right)
1. Lilly Pulitzer's "Just A Little Knotty Wedge"
2. Boden's "Silver Metallic Strappy Wedges"
3. Anthropologie's "Bright Foundations Wedges"

(Second row, left to right)
4. Shopbop's "Tevray Huarache Wedge Sandals"
5. J.Crew's "Crushed Glitter Wedges"

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