Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Early Morning Confessions

-I never wash my fruits and vegetables (except when the filmy coating on red grapes actually tastes acrid). Last night I cut up celery for a pre-dinner snack, saw black stuff on a few of the sticks, shrugged my shoulders, dipped the dirty ends into guacamole, and gobbled them right up.

Unwashed Grapes...Mmmm

-I'm a little embarassed to admit that I love romances (and judging by the amount of space Borders has dedicated to them, alot of others must too) and I have no problem with paying $7.99 for a happy ending every once in awhile. The best part about coming home is raiding the library for stacks of easy-reads and skimming them to my heart's content. I never seem to be able to remember the names of the main characters and often forget integral parts of the plot...but isn't that part of the beauty of beach reads?  

Guilty Pleasures

-Lately I've been obsessed with the self-help section in bookstores. I find myself thinking Yes! That's exactly my problem! This book was MADE for me! I must buy it!

The Carrot Cake Looks Much More Appealing

-Yesterday I turned on my seat heater on the way to the grocery store. It's arguably the middle of May. I feel like Mother Nature needs some encouragement.

-Everyone thinks I love to run but at least 3 mornings out of 7 I really, really, don't want to go. No, it's not fun to run in the dark for an hour and a half before an 8am class. No, it's not fun to run in the pouring rain, or in 20 mph winds, or in blizzard conditions. No, it's not fun to dive off the sidewalk to avoid 18 wheelers who are AIMING for those puddles. No, it's not fun to sprint to the other side of the road to miss getting flattened like a pancake by a plow that uproots mailboxes without even sparing a glance to the rearview mirror. End of rant.

-Sometimes after I run I don't stretch, or foam roll, ice, or eat. Ah, add shower to that list too. Especially if there's a pm workout involved later that day or if I know my boyfriend has plans already.

-I check every mirror three times and look over my shoulder twice before changing lanes. And I'm still sort of petrified that I'm going to hit someone when I cross the yellow dotted line. When I finally make it over I always feel surprised that I haven't. Merging onto the highway is even more of a nightmare.

-I think Greek yogurt is disgusting. I tried really, really hard to like it because I know it's much better for me than my Light & Fits...but come on. Even though the nutrition label makes me swoon, Greek yogurt looks and tastes like the paste we used in third grade when budget cuts prevented teachers from buying Elmer's glue.

Chobani Nutrition Label

-I have an obsession with minty gum (and minty everything else too, you'll find). Peppermint, spearmint, wintermint, sweet mint...they are all good. So good in fact, that after about two minutes of chewing, I find it entirely normal to pop in a new piece to get that fresh burst of mint that sadly disappears so quickly. Then I look in the trash an hour later and am very surprised to find thirty empty gum wrappers staring up at me. This can't be good for my digestive tract.    

-I love shopping for cute clothes and accessories (and piecing together outfits like this!), but I don't make a big effort to look put-together alot of the time. More often than not, it somehow seems like too much work to ditch my t-shirt and shorts for the afternoon when I'm just going to end up in pajamas in five hours anyway.

-I haven't quite managed to shake my little-girl bedtime. As much as it pains me to share this with the internet world, I go to bed between 8pm and 9pm almost every night. For awhile I'm sure my parents thought it was just a phase...but it's been going on twenty years now. By a little after 10pm I'm happily snoozing away, deep in REM sleep. My friends have sort of accepted this personality quirk, but they won't let me get in bed while it's still light out. To be fair, my internal alarm also wakes me up between 6am and 7am every day so that makes it not so embarassing, right?

Crate and Barrel's Aqua Wall Clock

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  1. how do you not like greek yogurt? and also im going to punch you (or at least make a mess of your neatly organized room with 90 degree angles everywhere and perfectly even spacing between things) if you don't start stretching and eating after every run. i would recommend foam rolling too, but it isn't truly necessary every single day. showering, i could care less