Sunday, May 15, 2011

Twiddling My Thumbs

This blog is going to save me from twiddling my thumbs (which got firmly stamped with the "wide" and "short" gene in the making twenty years ago, closely resemble a pair of stubby kayak paddles, and led to all sorts of humiliation throughout my childhood) all summer. If you catch me on a particularly self-deprecating day, you just might see a picture of them posted for your entertainment.

For the next three and a half months my job is to relax. It's a mandatory assignment of the worst kind - working hard at unwinding won't get me anywhere. For a compulsive resume builder who craves structure and thrives under deadlines, withdrawing my feelers for stress-inducing opportunities is quite a tall order.

This blog is a compromise of sorts - it's a way for me to stay productive sane while my precious to-do list is alarmingly blank. You'll find posts about recipes, health, exercise, fashion, and home decor. I can't promise that little bits of frustration won't crop up, but I can promise that there will be lots of photos of food that won't look too good to eat (be nice - I just ordered my first camera! and I suspect I'll need my brothers to teach me how to turn it on), an overabundance of all things pepperminty, frequent peeks into my virtual shopping cart, and candid updates on my love/hate relationship with running.

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