Sunday, May 29, 2011

Wishes and Whims

If you haven't already caught the drift, I love lists. I'm particularly partial to wish lists. Why? Because wishes don't have to be justifiable, practical, or economical. Wishes could be a cousin twice removed of whims (I heard someone use this word at our favorite artisan bread place today and decided that I liked it so much that I would use it myself as soon as the opportunity arose).

1. A sudden or capricious idea; a fancy
2. Arbitrary thought or impulse

For a girl who rarely indulges in arbitrary thoughts or fancies, let alone one who ever entertains impulses (the horror!), doing things on a whim seems quite wicked. I must admit, the idea of spontaneity causes my brain to engage in a sort of simultaneous vigorous head shaking and eager nodding.

The closest that I come to throwing caution to the wind is when I create my wish list. My therapist would probably have something to say about the fact that my idea of spur-of-the-moment fantasies are housed in a list - but hey, baby steps right?

If I see something that catches my eye, I bookmark it in the "Love This" folder - no matter how much it's going to hurt my feet or how much it looks like everything else I own (I really need to stop buying things in neons) or how much grief I'm going to get from Brother #2 for getting hosed out of a good deal.

Every few weeks I rein myself in by deleting items like one-purpose-only kitchen gadgets (like this fully automatic ice cream maker) and outrageously expensive designer clothes that I can't afford on my oh wait I don't even have a summer job budget. But for an intoxicating moment, they were part of my queue. That's about all the excitement I can take.

While I wrestle with the pros and cons of removing that pesky word pending in front of "purchases", here's a look at my current wish list.

Wish List

(1st column, from top to bottom)
1. Zara's Satin Platform Sandals
2. Shopbop's Cady Cuff Shorts
3. Fresh's Vanilla Soap

(2nd column)
1. Shopbop's Bianca Enamel Bow Studs
2. Anthropologie's Refreshing Lemonade Urn
3. Shopbop's Crackle Clutch
4. Net-A-Porter's Time Teller P Watch

(3rd column)
1. CUSP's Cream 3/4SLV Lark Rise LA
2. Blik's Wrought Iron Headboard Wall Decal

(4th column)
1. Lululemon's Run Swifty Racerback
2. William Somona's Breville Panini Press
3. Harry and David's Royal Riviera Pears

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