Friday, May 20, 2011

Girly Yet Grown-up Garlands

I originally saw this post about Confetti System on one of my favorite blogs: Cupcakes and Cashmere. Emily added some grown-up sparkle and shimmer to one of her office walls by hanging up Confetti System's neutral tassel garland (which consists of a pretty array of silvers, grays, coppers, and creams).

However, after checking out the company website, I fell in love with their brighter multi-colored version which features splashes of peach and tangerine, rose and fuschia, and seafoam and turquoise draped in between strands of silver and gold.

Multi-color Garland from Confetti System

This particular piece of wall decor (which would be called a show piece! around here) is perfect for a soon-to-be college grad like me because:

1. It's slightly reminiscent of the tutus I loved during my ballerina years (okay fine - it's more like weeks...I quit when I didn't like the costume for the spring recital), but the point is that it's more ladylike than childlike

2. It's sparkly (I went through a MAJOR sparkle phase which my mom made no attempt to harness and which is arguably ongoing - but with a little more taste I'd hope)

3. It exudes femininity (which is needed to counteract my running collages and darker framed prints)

4. It's a light and wispy decoration, but it takes up a substantial amount of wall space

5. It's expensive enough not to fall apart in a year and versatile enough to find a new home in my first apartment after college

6. As Emily pointed out, it's cheaper than a good painting

7. There are SIX reasons to justify buying it, which is one over the required five to scoot it out of the emotional, hasty, and impulsive shopping category*

*My purchases used to fall into this category more often not...two mistakes that come to mind: the yellow and white Nike Shox I just had to have that never quite fit and the fluffy Ralph Lauren bathrobe I swore I needed for my freshman year of college (that remained suspended in my closet with its tags attached once I discovered that everyone else was just using towels to cover up on the way to the shower).

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