Thursday, May 26, 2011

Snippets of Sunshine

At long last, my camera has arrived! I love my new toy - even though it's smarter than I am.

I've unearthed the on/off button, played with the zoom function, discovered the slideshow setting, and located the tiny trash bin for "erase" - not bad for a technologically challenged girl like me! There is also a twisting dial that specifies different settings (pets, landscapes, portrait, auto, etc.) for optimal photography, but I'm quite delighted with the "easy" option that offers "worry free shooting even for beginners".

With a bit of help from Brother #3 and a quick glance at the manual, I've even managed to set the time and date! When I get tired of not understanding 75% of my camera's functions I suppose I'll consult the manual again...but for now the trial/error method seems to be much more my speed.

Here's a quick look at a few of my first snapshots:

Lilacs from Mom's Garden
After what felt like weeks of rain, bright beams of sunlight finally broke through the enormous cloud over Maine that had been stubbornly stationary for far too long. The passing glimpses of blue sky and sun provided sweet relief for us and spurred a blossoming frenzy in the yard.

Red's Eats in Wiscasset, ME

The line coming out of Red's Eats (a tiny lobster shack in the quaint and coastal town of Wiscasset) is as much a part of the town's landscape as the understated yacht club, the adorable boutique In the Clover, and the post office are. It's not uncommon to wait for over an hour for one of Red's infamous lobster rolls (voted best in Maine several years running) - each one offers a full pound of lobster on a toasted split-top bun and an array of condiments to choose from.

Although Red's has become a hot spot for tourists, locals swear by Sprague's Lobster - a relatively unadorned shack located across the street from Red's. Rumor has it that Sprague's rarely has a line, offers ample waterview seating on their private boardwalk, and sells lobster that is comparable to Red's (often at a lower price).

A Boat of Flowers at Red's Eats

An Overflowing Garlic House

Easy Reads

Pink Jack Rogers Jelly Sandal

The Latest InStyle - A Grocery Store Gift from Mom!

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