Thursday, May 19, 2011

Gems from Garnet Hill

Whenever I come home from college, I know I can count on my parents to have left a stack of magazines and newspaper articles on my desk. While I admit I'm always slightly exasperated to find my perfectly arranged desk disrupted by their accumulated thoughtfulness, I always look forward to browsing through their picks.

Light Reading from Mom and Dad

From my dad, there's always an article or two from the paper about what on earth to do with a liberal arts major. From my mom, there's always a few of the most recent Real Simple magazines, a few editions of the Saturday cooking-style-fashion-design-decorating section of the Wall Street Journal, and several dogeared clothing selections from various catalogs awaiting my approval. When I came home for the summer, one of those catalogs was from Garnet Hill.

Now I'll be the first to admit I wrinkled my nose up. I had always thought of Garnet Hill as a somewhat "mature" brand, sort of on par with Talbots. However, after leafing through the lookbook, I was astounded to find that I had folded back several favorite pages of my own. Here's a look at my circled items:

My Garnet Hill-Inspired Wish List

(First row, from left to right)
1. Sienna T-Strap Sandals
2. Sonyarenee Posh Beaded Earrings
3. Kevia Textured Stacking Rings

(Second row, from left to right)
4. Admirals Jacket
5. Tosha Top by Velvet
6. Essential Summer Dress

At some point during my college career Garnet Hill must have seriously revamped their style and expanded their target audience. I'll be keeping them in mind this summer and into this fall as I help decorate our little house on the pond back at school!

Garnet Hill's Weathered Wall Frames


  1. yawn. back to the running blogs please :)

  2. also, remember now that you lifted legs today, you can't run hard until you take 2 easy days. should have run hard in the AM before the leg lift in the PM...