Saturday, July 23, 2011

Kiss the Carbs

As far as chores go, replenishing the bread drawer isn't too much of an annoyance. Although Big Sky Bakery is a bit of a hike for us, they produce heavenly artisan breads using whole wheat flour that they mill themselves. I know I've briefly mentioned this bakery before, but it's a family favorite and definitely worthy of a second post.

Just walking into Big Sky (which is located in the old Engine 8 firehouse at Woodford's corner in Portland) is enough to kick my taste buds into high gear. Rows and rows of freshly made loaves of bread (to name a few: 3 seed, cinnamon swirl, English muffin, German rye, hearty oat, and ciabatta) decorate simple shelves and an enormous wooden cutting board labeled Samples.

They don't skimp on the samples around here. They'll slice you a little of this, this, and this, along with a lot of that, that, and that, if that's what you'd like. The sample tray is extra enticing because the bread of the day is always included in the rotation. Some specialty breads only come out once a month, like the jalapeno cheddar boule we picked up for dinner.

Big Sky Bakery, Jalapeno Cheddar Bread

It was dense and doughy, with sizable hunks of fiery-hot cheese and slivers of chili pepper tucked into little hills and valleys. This was the best bread I have ever tasted. It didn't need butter, it didn't need to be toasted, it didn't need to be dipped, it didn't even need to be sliced...I tore off a bite from a loaf that had just cooled and I seriously debated running behind the counter to kiss the cook. It's probably a good thing I was anxious to get home for lunch.

We picked out a loaf of jalapeno cornbread for sandwiches (and stuck a loaf of marble rye in the freezer for later).

Basket of Bread

I must have had jalapeno on the brain today since it also made an appearance in this morning's omelet. I had my spicy sandwich (toasted) with oven roasted turkey, roasted red pepper hummus, and garden lettuce. In my opinion, bread can make or break a sandwich...and The Big Sky Bakery never disappoints.

Big Sky Bakery, Jalapeno Cornbread

Since today involved a long run (12 miles @ 5:30 am to beat the heat = success!), my assignment is not to shy away from carbohydrates. Clearly this won't be a problem...I even snagged a bag of Big Sky's infamous granola to give a mid afternoon yogurt snack a little more weight! How did I ever enjoy yogurt without rolled oats, almonds, soy oil, honey, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, brown sugar, vanilla, and sea salt?

3 O'Clock Snack

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