Friday, July 15, 2011

Cute As A Button

After compiling yesterday's post, I must have had home goods on the brain. A quick peek into Target (for an inexpensive card table for my tray-glued-to-a-nightstand project) turned into a lazy stroll filled with several exclamations of oooh look!

Are you surprise to learn that I was on cloud nine in the scrapbooking and organization aisles? Target carries Real Simple's line of planners, notepads, and calendars!

I was equally delighted to find brightly colored kitchen accessories (turquoise spatulas, pink garlic presses, yellow nesting measuring cups, purple colanders, etc.) by KitchenAid in the cookware section. Apparently my thirst for highlighter-esque colors is no longer being adequately satiated by my neon workout gear...

Mom managed to drag me away from the pots and pans by promising me that the beauty department was worth checking out. And since a handful of my favorite tried-and-true nail polishes from Essie were displayed front and center, this section of Target didn't disappoint either.

Essie, from Target

By this point, my initial quest for an unobtrusive folding table had already slid halfway from high priority to low priority. When I stumbled upon the hanging wall decorations, I may or may not have crumbled up the priority list altogether. The last thing I need is more wall "art" - but can't you just see the frame below living comfortably above my dresser?!

New York Traveler, from Target

Any lingering thoughts about staying on track were squatted away like a pesky fly when my mom and I spotted a set of absolutely irresistible plastic plates (for only 99 cents each!). With expressions like "one tough cookie", "spill the beans", "better with bacon", "best thing since sliced bread", and "easy as pie", each one was cuter than the next. We simply couldn't resist.

Appetizer Plates, from Target

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