Thursday, July 7, 2011

Finger Lickin' Good

My ongoing recipe book project isn't squelching my desire to talk about food on the blog quite the way I had hoped.

Front Cover, Recipe Journal

I have a few posts patiently waiting to be published (about circuit training, a race coming up, dorm room decorating, and a very special find at the farmer's market), yet I continue to churn out new posts about our meals every morning.

Fancy filet mignon. Char-grilled red pepper, eggplant, and zucchini. Trottole pasta (shaped like spinning tops). Just-picked native strawberries and just-in-time pineapple wedges for dessert.

How can I resist?!

Dinner At Home

I love it when we have restaurant-esque meals. More often than not, we defrost some chicken around lunchtime and what's for dinner doesn't truly take shape until 5:30pm (as we coerce anyone who walks through the kitchen to pick up a knife and start slicing or light the grill and keep an eye on the flames).

Brother #3's Assignment

With my recent conversion to fish (specifically cod, halibut, tilapia, haddock, and mahi mahi), I'd sort of forgotten about steak. Filet mignon used to be my very favorite cut...and my memory served me well.

Cooking Steak

Inside, I waited an inordinate amount of time for water to boil so we could try out our new pasta (USDA Organic Authentic Bronze-cut Trottole) by Culinary Circle. The spiral-shaped noodles were a fun change (even though they weren't whole wheat - gasp!). A little bit of butter, pepper, and sweet basil went a long way with these. 

Partially Shaded Trotolle

While the veggies and steaks were being flipped one last time, I set to work cutting up some of the strawberries we had picked earlier...and the overripe pineapple that was on the verge of becoming a countertop ornament. Although most of it was salvageable, the yellow slices didn't make the cut for picture-taking.  

Strawberries & Sugar (Another Gasp!) 

Sliced Strawberries

Sidenote: Brother #3 was too hungry to let me take a picture of his plate for comparison tonight. Next time I'll have to feed him some crackers and nuts before we start cooking!

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