Thursday, July 21, 2011

Growing Gold

Despite repeat invasions from one very fat (and single-minded) groundhog, the vegetable garden's bounty has been wonderful this summer: French zucchini, several different types of lettuce, spinach, garlic scapes, garlic, kale, Swiss chard, golden beets, red beets, scallions, radishes, and all kinds of spices (dill, basil, rosemary, oregano, thyme, parsley, mint, chives, sage, etc.).

Zucchini (Not Quite There Yet)

Teeny Tiny Eggplant!

Cucumber! (So Close)

Pole Beans!

Golden Beet, Breaking the Surface

Tomatoes! (Unripe)

Empire Apples! (Unripe)

Blueberries! (Unripe)

Obviously it's still too early for a lot of our garden produce, but it's just the right time for potatoes! Mom planted her Yukon gold potatoes in early May, and now we have dozens of little golden gems nestled in the soil away from prying eyes.

Potato in the Ground!

Garden Harvest (Dirty)

Garden Harvest (Clean)

Being sent out to the garden to snip a sprig of parsley or cut off a chive stalk feels distinctly like a chore, but going out to the garden to gather potatoes is actually fun. It truly feels like a harvest! Think of hunting for Easter eggs...only the resulting treasures aren't full of quarters and jelly beans. The potatoes grow in between the roots and can be found just by brushing away the topsoil. Now we've collected enough to start thinking about potato recipes! I'm thinking boiled with herbs and butter, mashed with garlic, roasted with rosemary...or maybe even chopped up in an omelet.

Tiny Potatoes, Perfect for Omelets


  1. That garden is amazing. You must be having such a great summer up there!...carolyn

  2. Is this the same little Hannah that I used to play around with in the stands at Alex & Ross's baseball games??? Hannah!!! You're all grown up and your writing and view on life is beautiful!!!

    This is Kathleen Hassan by the way!!! Hope to see you in Portland one day before the Seadog's season is over!!!


  3. Aww thank you both! Mrs. Hassan, my brother Doug and I have such fond memories of you entertaining us at the ballpark! Hope to see you soon; I'm so glad to hear your son is doing well!